CashFlow Investing is based on the Concept by Mr Robert Kiyosaki, where the Strategies/Mindset of Investing formulated Primarily for Cashflow collection, Secondarily for Capital Gains.

I see it as a business model similar to "Insurance", "Vehicle Rental", "Property Rental". Where you manage/own assets which generates Cashflow Income on a consistent, shorter term, manageable, predictable & acceptable basis.

It is not a Get-Rich Quick, One-Time jackpot kind of strategies where you can retire quickly, but a consistent system which I use personally which will & can replace your working Income over time, leading to Retirement.

Caution - Formulated Systematically to lead to Retirement in 8 years.

Monday, November 24, 2014

12th TRADE (25/11/2014)

Hi All,

This is my blog & live training account's 2nd year "Walking the Talk" journey. I understand there's one of the many queries which has been in most people's mind, well, its been on my mind as well and it is "If this system/method is going well for you, why do you still charge a Fee to train others, why not just keep it to yourself & do it personally Full-Time ?"

My answers are:
1) Do people commit More Attention & Time when their money is on the line ?
2) How do people Gauge/Measure time/effort in the financial world ?
3) How much confidence do you have if there isn't any records on the journey of the system

Based on the above, I realised that People will pay more attention & focus when their Own Cash is on the line, also the "standard" way most people used to measure is via Amount/Price. In order to demonstrate the viability of the system I'm coaching, I'll set a "Right from Scratch" Live account to show the journey on the system I use personally. I'll use this blog as a benchmark, when my training account reached Retirement levels, I'll go Full Time.

Finally,  for the 2 positions previously held, MEET & DRYS, they have gone to pass. Let's take a look at my latest trade yesterday executed as below:

Collected USD $437.22 nett Cashflow (ROI) from yesterday position. Thats a 6.33% returns on capital over 3weeks (due 20th Dec, 2014), How Nice..

*Refer to disclaimer

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