CashFlow Investing is based on the Concept by Mr Robert Kiyosaki, where the Strategies/Mindset of Investing formulated Primarily for Cashflow collection, Secondarily for Capital Gains.

I see it as a business model similar to "Insurance", "Vehicle Rental", "Property Rental". Where you manage/own assets which generates Cashflow Income on a consistent, shorter term, manageable, predictable & acceptable basis.

It is not a Get-Rich Quick, One-Time jackpot kind of strategies where you can retire quickly, but a consistent system which I use personally which will & can replace your working Income over time, leading to Retirement.

Caution - Formulated Systematically to lead to Retirement in 8 years.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Updates (22/12/2014)

Hi Team,

Last weekend is my expiry date for my positions, DRYS being lower than my buy in target price of $1.50 per share, I was exercised to buy in shares at $1.50 as per agreed on 21 Dec 2014. Total 45 lots.


Total funds used for these positions is $6,162.95 + $612.95 = USD $6,775.90
Remaining Cash funds in account is USD $3,670.30

So far to date, this counter/trade is the only one which is at risk of "losing" money, BUT its cushioned off with Cashflow collected of "$437.22 + $302.22 = $739.44" previously.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

13th TRADE (11/12/2014)

Hello Champions,

Remember the last position I have on DRYS, targeting my possible entry at $1.50 which was trading above $1.51 when I placed my trade. It has been trading below $1 few days ago, making this 'Asset' volatile.

I did a new position to take advantage of the "bad" situation to squeeze more cashflow out on top of the regular "CASHFLOW TRIAD" system on 08 Dec, 2014. Collected another USD $302.22 nett Cashflow (ROI), adding to the previous amount of usd $437.22

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Monday, November 24, 2014

12th TRADE (25/11/2014)

Hi All,

This is my blog & live training account's 2nd year "Walking the Talk" journey. I understand there's one of the many queries which has been in most people's mind, well, its been on my mind as well and it is "If this system/method is going well for you, why do you still charge a Fee to train others, why not just keep it to yourself & do it personally Full-Time ?"

My answers are:
1) Do people commit More Attention & Time when their money is on the line ?
2) How do people Gauge/Measure time/effort in the financial world ?
3) How much confidence do you have if there isn't any records on the journey of the system

Based on the above, I realised that People will pay more attention & focus when their Own Cash is on the line, also the "standard" way most people used to measure is via Amount/Price. In order to demonstrate the viability of the system I'm coaching, I'll set a "Right from Scratch" Live account to show the journey on the system I use personally. I'll use this blog as a benchmark, when my training account reached Retirement levels, I'll go Full Time.

Finally,  for the 2 positions previously held, MEET & DRYS, they have gone to pass. Let's take a look at my latest trade yesterday executed as below:

Collected USD $437.22 nett Cashflow (ROI) from yesterday position. Thats a 6.33% returns on capital over 3weeks (due 20th Dec, 2014), How Nice..

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

11th TRADE (30/10/2014)

Hi Everyone,

While waiting for my current MEET position to pass, I've entered another position using the additional financing obtained few days ago to generate Cashflow (ROI). Order executed & filled as below:

Collected USD $203.45 nett Cashflow (ROI) using my newly funded USD $2100 (Other People's Money). Thats' a sounding 9.688% ROI in 3 weeks, expiration date is 22nd November 2014.

AMD isn't providing returns I'm looking for, so I'll continue monitoring it, but its indeed a good opportunity to buy in as its now at strong support levels.Change of CEO is indeed a surprise for everyone but the business value is still the same & expanding, so its still worth looking into AMD.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Updates (26/10/2014)

Hi Everyone,

Its coming to 1year on this blog, also since the opening of CashFlow Live Trading account as example of Cashflow Investing. I'll compute a summary of the account over this year. Take note that I've added additional funds into the account 3days ago, the Cashflow Collected is done based on the inital Funds of USD $4800. Click Here for details on the funding/loan/repayment.

Summary (26 October, 2014)

Total Funded: USD $4800 + USD$2100 / s$6032.64 (18Nov,13) + s$2699.13(23Oct,14)
Capital from my pocket: SGD $2,995.28
Total Expense Incurred: SGD $350.03

Current Stock Value: No Stock Onhand
Total Cashflow Collected: USD $2,603.31 (54.235%)

My last positions are MEET, awaiting for time expiration dated 21 Nov, 2014. I'll be making another trade this coming week using the newly added funds (Other People's Money).

I have someone question about Cashflow Investing: If you buy a stock and it fall 10% each year, whats the point of still holding on to it ?
Well my reply to him was:
First if the value of the business is consistent, Cashflow/Debt is consistent/improving over the quarters, you can hold over mid-long term,
2nd if you can generate over 20% Cashflow per annum, does it matter if the share price drops 10% per annum ? Over 5 years, if the share price halved its value, but you have already collected 100% Cashflow back, what does it make your on hand shares ? its "FREE" & still generating 20% per annum Cashflow.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Updates (28/09/2014)

Hi Everyone,

As per my previous Trade Update (11/08/2014), I have posted a trade on MEET, collected USD $548.64 over a period of 3mth, expiry date 21st November 2014. This trade till now is still Safe & Secure, last traded stock price was $1.99 at market close.

AMD is back to my optimum buying range of $3.20 - $3.80 , will look into AMD as my next counter for CashFlow. 

Currently am spending time on my Course Creation for Live & Offline program presentation slides plus workbook. Updated my blog with my Program details, for those who are interested, you may contact me via "" with subject "CashFlow Destiny". Payment function has also been added to assist those who wishes to make online payment for the course.

Benefits will you get from "CashFlow Freedom" Program ?

Standard System consisting of:
- Introduction
- Objectives
- Investing Mindset (Cashflow vs Capital Gains)
- Introduction to Analysis
- Step by Step Guide to opening a Trading Acct
- Simple Structured Analysis (Deeper Dive)
- CashFlow Creation
- The Power of Clarity
- Strategize
- Deployment
- Psychology In The Making
- Notes/Tips

Advanced System consisting of:
- CashFlow Mindset (Risk Management)
- Strategies to increase CashFlow by 40%

Bonus Support System consisting of:
HandHeld Training for 2yrs
Free Basic Trade Orders each month for 2yr
Guaranteed Return of Course Fees* in 2yr
Free Live Standard Program when available
Free Updates/New Advanced Strategies
Free Upcoming Standard Programs
. (FX, Property, eCommerce, Business Ventures)

THE ONLY PROGRAM which provides REFUND GUARANTEE* for 24 months

*Refer to disclaimer

Monday, August 11, 2014

10th TRADE (11/08/2014)

Hi Everyone,

As per my previous trade in MEET, as I expect MEET to still have losses for the 2nd Quarter Report ( , so share price will fall, added on to that, there's a public offering of an additional 750,000 shares of its common stock at an offering price of $2.00 per share as a result of the exercise in full of the underwriters’ over-allotment option (

Thou my trades will expire this Friday on market close, I would prefer to avoid the "Hope & Risk" by closing them & deploying another position tonight.

I closed them at a total expense of USD $240.34 last Friday night, Nett Profit on this whole trade was
USD $219.22

Latest trade to collect More Cashflow in advance of 3 months ahead, due on
21st November, 2014 as below. Collected a total of USD $548.64

*Refer to disclaimer

Saturday, July 12, 2014

9th TRADE (11/07/2014)

Hi Everyone,

On my 6th Trade (24/06/2014) , I took in advance Cashflow of USD $403.13 by Standing By to Buy AMD at $4 if the prices comes down by End of July. I've closed this trade & returned USD $191.86 , so my total nett Cashflow on this trade received is USD $211.27 in 3 weeks.

I used my 3-Step System + 1 Advanced Step to create my next Cashflow Income in the month of August. This additional Step Increased my Cashflow Returns by about another 50%. I analysed & decided to deploy on MEET. As per screenshots below, I collected Total Nett Cashflow of USD $ 459.56 due by 16 Aug, 2014.


For MEET, there'll be a earnings report release dated 4-8 Aug. I expect to see a drop on the share price due to the losses of -0.18 EPS. But its calculated before I deploy my trades.

*Refer to disclaimer

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

8th TRADE (02/07/2014)

Hi Guys,

AMD dosen't have the volatility for Straddle Strategy so I've decided to close this positions.

Total cost to close both positions is  $647.12 + $427.13 = $1074.25
-$1,115.17 + $1074.25 = ($40.92)

Total loss for this trade is $40.92 , this is still a Buy-Sell trade, dependent on a volatile movement, AMD is quite stable, not much of volatility. Still best to stick to my usual CashFlow Strategies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

7th TRADE (25/06/2014)

Hello Everyone,

As per my last post, I planned to do an Advanced Strategy for the upcoming AMD earnings report dated 17 July, 2014 (Eastern date), so I'll be closing off this Strategy Positions on the 18th July 2014 (Eastern Date) . Yes Right after the report is released, the next working day, I'll close the positions for this strategy.

Intention is to take advantage of the Volatility movement after the report was released. Below are the costs of the Trade executed on 25/06/2014. Take note below, there's 4 confirmation as both orders are been executed in 2 parts, not all are filled at once.

Bought 10contracts of Call at total : $488.57 + $58.51 = $547.08

Bought 10contracts of Put at total : $506.57 + $61.52 = $568.09

So total costs incurred for this strategy is $547.08 + $568.09 = $1,115.17   target to close on 18 July, 2014 , intention to take advantage of te earnings report movement. (Lets see how it goes)

Monday, June 23, 2014

6th TRADE (24/06/2014)

Hi Everyone,

Now for my latest trade/position deployed yesterday night. As per my previous Blog Update, my Total Account Value in CASH is USD $6,465.10 before my latest trade.

As usual, based on my 3steps strategy, I've made another CashFlow Collection of USD $403.13 yesterday night. Meaning I'm PAID to queue to Buy AMD at $4 by End of July but I do not need to buy yet. How Nice is this.

Besides the above trade, I'll be implementing One Advanced Strategy to Collect Additional Returns tonight. Stay Tune for my next trade update tomorrow.

*Refer to disclaimer

Updates (23/06/2014)

Hi Guys,

Before I update you on my latest trade, allow me to do a re-cap of my account over the past 7mths of Cashflow Investing using my CashFlow Investing - 3 Steps (Setup, Strategise, Deploy). 

Accoount Summary as follows:

1) 18-11-2013 -  USD $4,800.00      Account Funded
2) 21-11-2013 -  USD $   486.05      1st  Trade Cashflow
3) 08-01-2014 -  USD $   394.51      2nd Trade Cashflow
4) 26-02-2014 - (USD $5,612.95)    Exercised, bought 1400shares of AMD @$4 each
                     -  USD $   234.00      3rd Trade Cashflow
5) 21-04-2014 -  USD $   331.98      4rd Trade Cashflow 
6) 19-05-2014 -  USD $2,786.98      Exercised, sold 700shares of AMD @$4 each
                     -  USD $   257.55      5th Trade Cashflow
7) 21-06-2014 -  USD $2,786.98      Exercised, sold 700shares of AMD @$4 each
    22-06-2014 -  USD $6,465.10 Cash-In-Account, No positions left

Final 700shares sold dated 21-06-2014
Nett Amt Received $2,786.98

*Refer to disclaimer

Monday, May 19, 2014

5th TRADE (19/05/2014)

Hello Everyone,

16th May is the last trading day of my May Expiry positions. AMD closed at $4.02 slightly above my purchased price of $4 .

Hmm, I heard some asking "How does that make you money buying & selling at the same $4 price." Oh well, if you read my main page header, this is all about CashFlow Investing. You dont have to be rich OR have more than $100k to retire, all you need is to have One or More systems which generates more than your monthly Expenses.

Back to the ground, eventually the system assigned me to sell off 7lots (700 shares) of AMD instead of all 14lots. (That means I still get to hold 7lots, what a Great Deal)

So I got liquidated by 7lots, got back cash of $2786.98 into the account.

So whats next, Of Course to continue my CashFlow Investing - 3 Steps (Setup, Strategise, Deploy)
Placed my orders on Sunday (18th May, 2014). I'm confident for the next 2months, AMD is still going to range between $3.80 - $4.15/$4.35 as long as there's no major Market Movement(Retracement).

Orders are filled, collected $126.79 & $130.76 = $257.55 nett Cashflow


So how will AMD fare till end of June 2014, we shall see, cheers..

*Refer to disclaimer

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4th TRADE (21/04/14)

Hi Everyone,

AMD earnings report came after market closes dated 17apr 2014. Within expectations that its still restructuring its business, thus there's a nett loss of 20 mil, but overall progress is still ontrack.

Expecting AMD is trade between 3.60 to 4.15(1st resistance) /4.35(2nd resistance). My previous position is holding 14lots of AMD shares at $4 per share. Target to sell at $4 by 17th Apr, since AMD closing price was $3.69 by end of that day, my trade expired & I'm still holding the stock.

New position yesterday, again to target to sell AMD at price $4 per share by 17th May closing. Received $331.98 cashflow from the position. I expect to see the next earnings report on 14th-18th Jul not as good as the last one.

How I love Cashflow Model.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updates (27/03/2013)


As per my 3rd Trade (26Feb 2014), I have bought in 14lots of AMD at $4 per share & I did a positioning to Sell my AMD shares at $4 on 19th April 2014 if AMD share price is above $4 by end of trading day.

Well, if it does, this means I have to sell my AMD shares away at $4, but heh, didn't i bought my AMD shares in at $4 per share ? Does that mean i didn't make any money at all from this transaction ? Well for a Capital Gain model investing, it really dosen't profit at all. But for Cashflow Investing, I collected nett $234 even before I get to see the end result of my order in April.

From this example, I hope readers can see & understand another point of view on Investing for/from Cashflow. Of course with a slight modification I can have possibilities of making from Both Capital Gains & Cashflow.

Well, I'm expecting the upcoming earnings report for AMD to be pretty much neutral, meaning due to the re-structuring, the profits are mainly just covering the expenses. What if AMD end of day closing on 19th Apr 2014 falls below $4, like $3.90 ? (Under Capital Gains model, I would have lost money, 10cts per share) I'm still in Profit using Cashflow Investing, remember the nett $234 I received in advance ?

Lets see how AMD shows up after Mid-April then.

*Refer to disclaimer

Thursday, February 27, 2014

3RD TRADE (26/02/2014)

Hello Everyone,

Remember my last trade Nett in Cashflow of USD $394.51 when waiting for AMD to drop below $4 . It did went down below $4 by 21st Feb, 2014 end of day.

My last trade is exercised as AMD fell below $4, on 22nd Feb, 2014 I'm being assigned 14 lots of AMD:

Total Cash used for purchase: $5612.95
Share Price: $4 (100 shares per lot)

So I placed my next trade order on 26 Feb, 2014 below, received Nett Cashflow of USD $234 for Apr 2014 Expiry.

AMD will release its earnings report by Mid-April 2014, since its still re-structuring its operations for the whole of this year, I expect to see AMD moving in range formation between $3.30 to $4 , unless it can produce better than expected results before the re-structuring is completed.

*Refer to disclaimer 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2ND TRADE (08/01/2014)

Hi Guys

First Trade went really well, thou AMD didnt come down to my target buy in price$3.50 from my first trade till yesterday, I still managed to collect my "Rental" income covering 2 monthly instalments of S$500. (See ? , I didnt get to buy the stock but still makes money)

Since AMD is moving away from my target buy-in price of $3.50 , i'll shift my target price to $4 . As per my last review, AMD is capturing great reviews & expectations from investors after shifting its operations partially to Gaming Console Processors & Graphic Card processors. AMD Share Price is moving up recents weeks till last 2 days, to be at current peak before the earnings annoucement on 28th Jan, 2014 for 4th Q 2013 earnings.

I did a trade close & opened a new trade for the month of Feb, 2014. Costs of closing the trade & Premium Collection of New Trade as follows:

Cost to close: USD ($21.49)   Premium Collected on New Position: USD $416.00
Total Nett "Cashflow" collected for Month of Feb is $416 - $21.49 = USD $394.51 (8.22% for 1mth) Capital - USD $4800
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