CashFlow Investing is based on the Concept by Mr Robert Kiyosaki, where the Strategies/Mindset of Investing formulated Primarily for Cashflow collection, Secondarily for Capital Gains.

I see it as a business model similar to "Insurance", "Vehicle Rental", "Property Rental". Where you manage/own assets which generates Cashflow Income on a consistent, shorter term, manageable, predictable & acceptable basis.

It is not a Get-Rich Quick, One-Time jackpot kind of strategies where you can retire quickly, but a consistent system which I use personally which will & can replace your working Income over time, leading to Retirement.

Caution - Formulated Systematically to lead to Retirement in 8 years.

Monday, November 21, 2016

56th TRADE (18/11/2016)

Hi Guys,

AMD has 2 large movement days on Nov 18-19 as the announcement of their deal with Google has pushed its price up 20% in that last 2 days.

Due to the sudden upward movement, i'll have to re-adjust my position to contain the fluctuations of the price.

Spent Nett Cashflow USD $255.36  for the adjustments.

*Refer to Disclaimer

Saturday, November 12, 2016

55th TRADE (11/11/2016)


Since the US election, I believe its a surprise for most people that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, following night, the US Equity market went up to near high, but Technology Stocks came down fast.

But it was anticipated to be short lived, thus a small rebound the next day. I expect to not see AMD pass $8 by end of December, infact I am expecting it to channel around $7. So I decided to shift one of my position down to $7.

Nett Cashflow Collected is USD $ 92.71

*Refer to Disclaimer