CashFlow Investing is based on the Concept by Mr Robert Kiyosaki, where the Strategies/Mindset of Investing formulated Primarily for Cashflow collection, Secondarily for Capital Gains.

I see it as a business model similar to "Insurance", "Vehicle Rental", "Property Rental". Where you manage/own assets which generates Cashflow Income on a consistent, shorter term, manageable, predictable & acceptable basis.

It is not a Get-Rich Quick, One-Time jackpot kind of strategies where you can retire quickly, but a consistent system which I use personally which will & can replace your working Income over time, leading to Retirement.

Caution - Formulated Systematically to lead to Retirement in 8 years.

Friday, December 25, 2015

41st TRADE (24/12/2015)

Hi Everyone,

As per earlier posting, due to reverse split of NBG to NBGGY from 15-1. Now trading under pink sheet OTC, unable to create cashflow, instead of waiting for it to "increase" in value, I've decided to let go of NBGGY to continue the Cashflow system.

Also extra of USD $2850 funds have been received on 22nd Dec 2015 as per below screenshot.

Placed the below trades of closing NBGGY & Cashflow Positions. Nett Cashflow received USD $335.22

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Updates (22/12/2015)

Hi All,

One last position being exercised for NBGGY to buy in, spent net amount USD $112.95

Due to the reverse stock split of NBG, instead of owning 207lots of NBGGY, I'm now holding 12.82lots of NBGGY shares. As this, the amount of Cashflow generation will greatly be reduced. So I'll be funding in additional amount via another loan.

I'll apply for UOB Loan amount of s$20,500, to clear off the existing remaining amount in Maybank of s$16,690.65 & remit the rest to my account.

*Refer to Disclaimer

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Updates (16/12/2015)

Hi All,

NBG was delisted from the NYSE as it has been trading below $1 for 6mths, thus when it was delisted, it was considered trading on "pink sheet". In short, trading on exchange such as stock & options are taken offline. Once options are taken offline we wont be able to price & position according to CBOE, resulting in disabling Cashflow creation.

This is a first time learning experience for me in such a senario. During the delisting of NBG, they undergo a Reverse Stock Split of 15:1 . I'm also been exercised on my Covered Sell Options, totally my National Bank of Greece share holdings to 1276 shares (12.76 lots).

Then the new symbol of NBG is NBGGY now. Cash available in account is USD $1,923.83 , to continue having CashFlow, I'll be topping up additional funds in, to make total amount above $5k.

Total amount used to own NBGGY is USD $13,025.90

Thursday, December 3, 2015

40th TRADE (04/12/2015)

Hi All,

Firstly, let me give you guys an update regards to my positions on NBG (National Bank of Greece), since delisting has commenced due to the price of its share which is below $1 for a period of time.

I've received an email on the reverse stock split 15 to 1 on NBG so that they can "pump" up the share price above $1 to maintain's its listing on NYSE. Currently still halt on trading till further announcement of the date. As for the system I'm using, I'm not at risk in fact advantages as I'm a seller of Options for Cashflow, thus time is passing fast for me. I do hold some NBG stocks, fully paid, so not much of an issue. Email annoucement as below:

Lastest Trade order below, is Not a Cashflow Trade but a Capital Gains Trade which I'm testing, 1 day duration.

Net Profit Collected: USD $74

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