CashFlow Investing is based on the Concept by Mr Robert Kiyosaki, where the Strategies/Mindset of Investing formulated Primarily for Cashflow collection, Secondarily for Capital Gains.

I see it as a business model similar to "Insurance", "Vehicle Rental", "Property Rental". Where you manage/own assets which generates Cashflow Income on a consistent, shorter term, manageable, predictable & acceptable basis.

It is not a Get-Rich Quick, One-Time jackpot kind of strategies where you can retire quickly, but a consistent system which I use personally which will & can replace your working Income over time, leading to Retirement.

Caution - Formulated Systematically to lead to Retirement in 8 years.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Updates (04/01/2015)

Hi Members & Would-be members,

This is the first post for 2015, as per your benefits included in the mentorship program, we're working on the next Cashflow product involving Forex Exchange, working with 3rd party & testing the service this year to ensure stability over the 4 seasons.

Once its ready, we'll share with our members. Also working on Webpage Internet Marketing, Ads Marketing, Video Marketing, Online Network marketing, Francchise/Licensing Business Ventures will also be part of the Cashflow Mentorship Program for members only.

Want to be part of this ? Not required to pay additional course fees to learn the skills/tools, only need small expense cost to setup your own infrastructure(will be sponsored by Standard Program's Returns), so technically they are all FREE. Interested ? Sign up for the Mentorship Program now.

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